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Aerial Lift/Aerial Truck Accidents

Attorneys For Bucket Truck And Aerial Equipment Injuries In Central, Eastern And Western Massachusetts

If you or a family member was injured in an aerial lift or aerial truck accident, contact by email or telephone for your free consultation.

Aerial lifts, otherwise known as bucket lifts, are commonly used by telephone and utility companies, tree removal services, carpenters and in malls, drywallers, painters, warehouses, retail, manufacturing, and can also be found on construction sites. Like other lifts and scaffolding, aerial lifts pose a serious hazard to those who work on and near them. According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, aerial lifts such as a bucket lift, often cause their user serious injury or death by electrocution caused by contact with live power line wires, falls out of the lift bucket and by collapse and/or tip-overs.

These lifts can place a worker to heights over 66 feet off the ground. When accidents caused by heavy equipment occur, the injuries are usually very serious, debilitating and often result in death.

Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Claims

When aerial lift accidents occur, oftentimes the injured worker is placed on workers’ compensation. However, there may be other negligent and liable third parties. These third-party negligent actions can result in a significantly larger settlement than that obtainable solely under Massachusetts workers’ compensation law. Third-party negligence cases allow pain and suffering, whole person scarring, loss of consortium and other damages.

Third-party actions require the injured worker to prove negligence. These are complex cases with many possible negligent parties. The general contractor may be found negligent or possibly a third-party subcontractor or project manager for unsafe site conditions. Was the lift owned or leased? Was it serviced by an outside company that serviced or maintained it in a negligent manner? Or is the lift or a part on the lift defectively designed?

These are the questions for an experienced personal injury law firm that specializes in construction site accident law, workers’ compensation law, third-party negligence law and OSHA guidelines violations that may have caused or contributed to the aerial lift accident.

has been representing injured workers for over 50 years and specializes in areas of law that apply to aerial lifts, cranes, scissor lifts and staging accidents. Contact us now by telephone or email for your free consultation. For your convenience, home and hospital visits are available anywhere in Massachusetts.