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Heavy Equipment Accidents

Massachusetts Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyers

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Construction sites contain a condensed area of workers and heavy equipment. People working in such close proximity to dangerous and heavy equipment face an increased risk of serious construction site accidents occurring.

Some Examples Of Heavy Equipment Construction Site Accidents Are:

Construction workers can be injured by heavy equipment in many ways, as discussed below.

Injuries Or Death Caused By Being Struck By Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment can weigh as little as a 3,000 lbs. bobcat or go up to a fall cement truck weighing over 60,000 lbs. When a human being is struck by heavy equipment of such staggering weights, the crushing injuries that result are catastrophic and often fatal.

Injuries Or Death Caused By Heavy Equipment And Structural Collapse

Heavy equipment causes serious damage to structures, building or homes when they come into unintended contact. A fall or partial structural collapse poses a serious injury to workers in and below the structure. Serious injury may also result if the heavy equipment load is dumped or falls on a construction worker. A load of cement, soil or gravel can cause a fatal crushing injury to a construction worker in seconds. This type of injury often occurs in commercial foundation work or trench construction where extreme caution must be used. These are just a handful of scenarios on how heavy equipment can cause serious and often fatal injuries.

The employer subcontractor, general contractor, project manager and others must ensure that operators of large machinery such as cranes, excavators, etc., are fully trained and licensed; the equipment has been properly maintained and inspected; and the surrounding conditions in which the equipment is being used is safe. Any outside or third-party service company that serviced, repaired or maintained the heavy equipment in a negligent or improper manner may also be found liable.

Heavy equipment accidents entitle injured workers to workers’ compensation benefits but oftentimes there may be one or more parties liable under third-party negligence law. This third-party case will allow the injured construction worker to recover damages that often greatly exceed that which is recovered via workers’ compensation. Third-party cases allow for whole body scarring, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and companionship and other damages.

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