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Off-The-Premises Third-Party Negligence Actions

Injury Lawyers For Workers Injured Off Premises In Worcester, Boston, Fitchburg

Many jobs require employees to walk, drive, ride or fly off premises. Any kind of travel, from a leisurely walk a couple of blocks away to a trip across the country, can be quite dangerous. The following is only a short list of off-premises factual scenarios that often create a third-party negligence action:

  • An employee of a replacement window company visits a home in hopes of making a large sale of windows. While the salesman is walking up the sidewalk of the home, a large German shepherd severely mauls him.
  • A nurse employee of a doctor’s office is sent across town to pick up medical supplies. While en route, she is involved in a serious car accident.
  • A restaurant employee is delivering a food order to a home. He has a serious fall on the home’s entrance stairs due to a lack of lights, no railing and defectively worn concrete steps that were also covered in snow and ice.

In the above scenarios, the employees would be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employers for this work accident. They can also bring a third-party negligence action against the dog owner’s home, the owner’s insurance policy, the negligent driver and owner of the vehicle that struck the nurse, and the homeowner who poorly maintained the front stairway to the home. The third-party claim can include pain, suffering, loss of consortium, whole person scarring and any other damages available under tort law.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident that was on the job, but off the employer’s premises, please contact by telephone or email. We have been representing injured employees throughout Massachusetts for over 50 years and specialize in third-party negligence actions and litigation. For your convenience, home and hospital visits are available anywhere in Massachusetts.