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Liquor Sales Liability

Massachusetts Lawyers Who Handle Liquor Liability Cases

While drunk drivers should always be held accountable criminally and civilly, liability often spreads to the bars, restaurants and stores that violate Massachusetts sales laws. When these businesses use poor judgment in selling alcohol, the consequences can be devastating to those injured in the resulting car accidents.

At , if liquor sales laws are violated, we hold these businesses liable for the damage they have caused. Since 1963, we have been representing those injured in drunk driving accidents throughout Massachusetts. We have earned a reputation for being one of the leading personal injury law firms in the state. Our results back up our reputation.

Massachusetts Liquor Sales Liability Laws

Liquor sales liability, otherwise known as dram shop liability, is governed by a series of laws and common law rules that hold bars, restaurants and liquor stores liable for the harm that an underage or intoxicated patron causes.

Examples of dram shop liability:

  • When a person is obviously drunk and a bar or restaurant continues to serve them
  • When a person is underage and a bar or restaurant serves them
  • When a liquor store sells to an underage person

These businesses can be forced to pay for the harm and injuries these drunk drivers have caused. The intent of these laws is quite obvious: to protect the public from the dangers of the irresponsible selling and serving of alcohol. Businesses must operate responsibly in their communities. By passing strict laws and by stern legal action to hold these businesses accountable, it may act as a deterrent for other businesses to make similar mistakes.

Hire For Aggressive Representation Of Liquor Liability Cases

These cases need thorough investigation and oftentimes these businesses vigorously defend liquor sales liability actions. At , we will aggressively represent those injured and will make every effort to hold bars, restaurants and liquor stores liable if they violate Massachusetts dram shop laws.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a bar, liquor store or restaurant serving alcohol to an underage or drunk patron, please contact us by email or telephone to discuss your case. For your convenience, home and hospital visits are available upon request.

‘ attorneys have over 120 years of combined experience, and the firm has earned a reputation of being one of the premier personal injury law firms in the state. We are here to help you.