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Scarring From Dog Bites

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Scarring and disfigurement can be the result of even the most minor dog bite or animal attack. It is essential that any injury caused by an animal be evaluated and treated by a medical professional as soon after the incident as possible. Though it may be possible to minimize scarring, many victims often require extensive medical care and plastic surgery to restore the skin as much as possible.

At , our lawyers have an extensive understanding of Massachusetts dog bite and animal attack cases. Throughout our years of practice, we have handled many of these cases, including those whose victims have suffered serious scarring and disfigurement. We are dedicated to pursuing compensation for victims’ past, current and future medical bills that stem from the negligence of a dog owner.

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When a dog bite punctures the skin, rips muscles or tears skin away, it may take numerous sutures or staples to close the wound. The doctor’s immediate concern is to address the wound and protect the underlying tissue, as well as deal with any potential infection concerns. The scarring that results from the bite and the treatment may not be apparent until the wound heals. At that point, a plastic surgeon (if not consulted at the time of wound closure) may need to assess the scars and suggest how to proceed.

When the bills incurred due to multiple medical visits as well as any surgeries or further treatment are attributed to the dog bite, action can be taken against the owner to recover compensation.

Owners’ Responsibilities

According to Massachusetts law, the owner of the animal that attacked you is ultimately responsible for any medical costs you incur due to treatment for the scars that resulted from the dog bite or animal attack. It is important to have an attorney on your side who knows the law and can fight to get you the compensation for the medical bills that are piling up.

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