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Poor Maintenance At Construction Sites

Massachusetts Attorneys For Poor Maintenance At Construction Sites

Property owners, construction site contractors (general and subcontractors), property developers and any other construction contractor can be found liable for poor maintenance at the construction site. When an accident is caused by poor maintenance, oftentimes, in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, the injured worker may be entitled to a third-party negligence action for pain and suffering.

The term “poor maintenance” at a construction site is a very broad-sweeping term. The following are a few possible examples: scaffolding has rusted through causing a collapse and severe injuries. The metal scaffolding should have been sanded and painted every year with all bolts replaced that were showing signs of rusting. The wood planks on the scaffolding should have also been replaced when they were showing signs of deterioration. When safety as well as other property and heavy equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, power tools, heavy equipment (i.e., forklifts, bulldozers), ventilators, air scrubbers, respirators, safety guards, safety railings, aerial lifts etc., are poorly maintained and cause injury, the results can be catastrophic or fatal.

Poor maintenance to the premises, equipment and machinery is often a breach of the duty to use reasonable care and thus constitutes negligence. It is often accompanied by violations of the federal OSHA safety regulations. In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, subcontractors, general contractors and property owners are often liable under third-party negligence law.

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