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Brake Failure

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer For Brake Failure

It is imperative that the brakes on your vehicle function properly because a malfunction can have devastating consequences. Even if you meticulously maintain your brakes, they can still fail due to a product defect or negligent design. The parts manufacturer, distributor, car company or dealer may be liable if injuries result by such a defect. Examples of potentially defective parts leading to brake failure are:

  • The hardening or crystallizing of brake pads making brake drum grip impossible
  • Defectively designed rotors or drums that can form hot spots, rendering grip impossible
  • Loss of engine vacuum that causes the brake booster to lose power
  • Defectively designed or manufactured brake lines that, if leaked, cause a sudden loss in brake pressure

If you believe a brake failure caused or contributed to your accident, contact Massachusetts injury attorneys with over 50 years’ experience helping the injured at Ellis Law Offices. You may contact us by telephone or email. Home and hospital visits are available upon request.