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Dog Bites

Compensation For The Serious Consequences Of Dog Bites

Who is responsible for the damages done by a dog attack? The dog’s owner is responsible for controlling it and ensuring the safety of people who come into contact with it. If you, your child or any other family member has been bitten by a dog, know your rights. Talk to an experienced lawyer at .

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At in Worcester, Massachusetts, our personal injury attorneys know how difficult it can be to help with the pain and trauma of a dog attack. A person bitten by a dog needs and deserves compensation.

  • Dog bites cause terrible, long-lasting injuries and sometimes even death. Dog bites can cause not only physical injuries, but also long-lasting psychological injuries. Dog mauling can cause severe scarring, nerve damage and disfigurement that requires surgery. It is essential for the victim to have compensation to pay for pain and suffering and medical and psychological care.
  • The victim should not take the blame. The first response of many dog owners is to blame the victim for the dog bite attack. Dogs often attack small children and elderly people — the weakest people they can find. They also attack delivery people and workers in the home. Were you attacked on the job? We can help.
  • The dog’s owner is responsible for the dog’s actions. Know your rights in a dog bite attack. Do not allow the dog’s owner to blame you, your child or anyone else for the dog’s actions. Massachusetts has strict liability laws in dog bite cases. Our firm can explain how this applies in your situation and how it can be used to protect you.

Contact Our Attorneys For Help With Scar And Mauling Cases

Contact a lawyer at for a free consultation. We can explain your rights and help you make a claim for dog bite injuries. Fortunately, most responsible dog owners are covered by homeowners insurance policies. However, insurance companies may be difficult to work with, and our firm can stand up for you. We don’t get paid unless you recover compensation.