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Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers For Defective Air Bag Injuries

When air bags function properly, that keeps drivers and passengers safe. If air bags are improperly installed or are defective, the results can be serious injury. Defective or malfunctioning air bags can cause eye injuries, chemical burns, severe head trauma and even death. has a team of accident attorneys with over 120 years of combined experience. If the manufacturer negligently designed or installed the air bag, then they are responsible for the injuries that resulted.

Air Bag Failing To Deploy

An air bag that fails to deploy is the leading cause of air bag-induced injury or death. A new air bag may be defective due to improper installation or defective parts. An air bag that has previously been serviced due to a prior deployment, and now fails to deploy, may be as a result of the service center’s or body shop’s improper installation or replacement of the air bag.

Faulty Air Bag Deployment

Air bags deploy with extreme force and in a serious car accident, they can save lives. However, when they deploy due to a minor fender bender, because of a pot hole in the road or for no reason at all, the deployment can unnecessarily cause serious injury. These injuries may consist of broken bones, eye injuries, traumatic brain injuries or death. Improper air bag deployment can also cause a loss of control of your vehicle and lead to an even more severe accident.

Chemical Burns From Air Bag Gas

Hot nitrogen gas is used to deploy air bags. If this gas is not exhausted, filtered or used up, it can leak into the vehicle cabin causing facial and eye damage to the car occupants.

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