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Dog Bites On The Job

You May Have Two Separate Injury Cases

If you were attacked by a dog in a work-related incident, you may have both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury suit against the dog’s owner. You deserve to be fully compensated for injuries suffered while you were simply doing your job.

At in Worcester, we will pursue both your workers’ comp benefits and your claim against the pet owner if you suffered dog bites or related injuries. We will coordinate these overlapping cases to protect your rights and maximize your benefits and recovery of damages.

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If You Were Bitten By A Dog While Working

We represent delivery personnel, landscapers, utility company workers, contractors working in the home and other employees who were bitten or attacked by dogs in the course of employment.

  • We have extensive experience with Massachusetts workers’ compensation law, helping clients secure full medical benefits as well as disability pay while they are off the job.
  • We have a solid track record in personal injury dog bite claims. These are typically covered as claims under homeowners insurance, but we will go to trial if necessary to establish the dog owner’s liability and to extract full compensation.

In addition to bite wounds, workers may be injured when they are chased by a vicious dog or knocked down by a big friendly one. Many victims suffer scarring or require reconstructive surgery, especially for bites to the face or hands. Getting mauled by a dog or any dog bite involving a child might also merit damages for emotional trauma.

We work with medical professionals to make a case for every element of damages to ensure that our clients are fully and fairly compensated, especially for a dog attack that puts them out of work or leaves them disfigured.

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Contact for a free consultation with lawyers who understand the legal nuances of dog bites on the job. We don’t get paid unless you recover compensation. If you cannot come to our offices in Worcester or Fitchburg, we will come to you at the hospital or at home, anywhere in Massachusetts.