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A Skilled Investigation Team Will Determine The Cause Of Your Car Accident

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Many people believe that they know exactly what happened at the time of the accident. In reality, many things happen that are not clearly perceived. Road conditions may have been a factor, a defective part or poor maintenance of another vehicle may have played a part, or may be unaware to you, there was a third vehicle involved that was the true cause of the accident.
It is best to call a lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident involving injuries or wrongful death. An attorney’s review of the police report, witness statements and expert reconstruction reports can be critical to proving who is at fault for the accident. The sooner you call , the quicker we can investigate the accident, including hiring our own investigators and accident reconstruction experts if need be.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in any kind of motor vehicle accident, contact .

  • We will promptly get a reconstruction accident investigator to the scene. When the injuries are very serious, and where appropriate, will hire independent accident reconstructionists to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the accident. They will carefully assess if poor road maintenance, defective tires or malfunctioning traffic lights caused the accident. They will review vehicle damage to all cars involved and skid marks to assess vehicle trajectory and speed prior to and at impact. They will carefully reconstruct how the accident occurred and who caused it.
  • We will obtain the police report and the operative reports of all vehicles involved in the accident. The police weren’t there at the time of the accident, so we don’t rely on their report as being the most accurate depiction of what happened. However, their reports are useful in describing vehicle position and property damage location after the crash, the existence or length of skid marks at the scene, the names of witnesses at the scene and any statements of parties that are against their interest, and therefore, admissible as evidence. The police report will also tell us if the other driver was driving drunk, and if so, we will attempt to establish liability if there was a liquor seller under Massachusetts dram shop laws for DUI/DWI auto accidents.
  • We will obtain statements from all witnesses who can shed light on which drivers were at fault for the accident.
  • If mechanical failure of the other driver’s vehicle played a role in the accident, we will via discovery, ask for all mechanical and maintenance records of that vehicle to show if poor maintenance, i.e., brake failure, bald tires, malfunctioning signal or headlights or other malfunctions, caused the car accident.


If you were injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, call the attorneys at who are car accident specialists. For your convenience, home and hospital visits are available throughout Massachusetts upon your request.