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Misdiagnosis And Failure To Diagnose

Misdiagnosis Can Be A Fatal Mistake

When a doctor fails to diagnose a serious condition or when there is a misdiagnosis, a patient may be seriously injured because of the mistake. In the worst cases, a misdiagnosis can cause a wrongful death.

Cancer Misdiagnosis · Failure To Diagnose
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At in Worcester, Massachusetts, our medical malpractice attorneys have seen the terrible damage that can be done when a doctor fails to properly diagnose an illness. We have the financial resources and the network of medical experts to investigate misdiagnosis cases and bring them to trial. You can rely on our experience with complex medical malpractice cases.

  • Cancer misdiagnosis can mean delayed treatment while the cancer continues to grow. A cancer that might have been stopped in the early stages becomes a life-threatening condition. When a doctor fails to diagnose breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia or any other type of cancer, delayed treatment can create a far grimmer prognosis.
  • A heart attack or stroke may be misdiagnosed as a digestive problem or anxiety in the emergency room. The patient may be sent home and be at even greater risk of death.
  • Meningitis and other serious infections may be misdiagnosed as being flu or other minor illnesses. Such serious infections must be diagnosed and treated immediately or they quickly become life-threatening.

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The medical malpractice lawyers at have the experience, knowledge, financial resources and medical experts to investigate and litigate complex medical malpractice cases. If a loved one has been seriously injured or died because of misdiagnosis, contact our law firm for a free consultation.