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Client Reviews

  • “I would like to thank Ellis Law Offices LLP for all they did to settle my malpractice lawsuit. It will not erase any of the scars (physical or mental) from the terrible mistake made by medical professionals, but it will give me a chance to end the grieving and move on. With this settlement I am able to pursue a hobby that brings new life into this world and brings me great joy.

    I would like to thank all of the staff at the firm. They were professional, caring, and very knowledgeable when it comes to medical malpractice. When you are injured, it is the little things that matter in life and the office staff is great at the little things. A special thanks to JP, for making that dark tunnel not so scary and helping me see the light at the end. My case settled for a significant amount of money, a year and one day from the accident, which is fast in the legal world. They are truly a caring family law firm.

    They are a great firm and I highly recommend them for any legal needs you have. They helped me write up my will and never made me feel silly for asking questions. I would rate them 5 stars for professionalism, knowledge, and most of all caring.
    Thanks to you all.”

  • “I am an American Veteran who served in OIF and OEF. After I left the military I have quite a hard time dealing with the VA. Someone told me that without some lawyers to help me my case will be stalled for a very long. When I contacted they went to work immediately and represented me with the VA. Within 1 and half months from the time I contacted my case was approved and I was able to apply Grad School. Now I am currently attending a well-known college for my Master’s degree. I feel I should write a review to praise them, because without them I would not be looking at finishing my Master’s degree this coming Christmas. They have given me one of the best gifts of my life.”

  • “I am a former professional heavyweight boxer as well as a former program director at Worcester Boys and Girls Club. The Ellis brothers have been my attorneys for many years. They represented me in several cases and have always gotten good results for me. When I ask them questions, they always give me honest answers and they are very good at explaining legal issues to people who aren’t lawyers. I really trust them. I have been at the on Pleasant Street enough times to see how they treat their other clients, too. These lawyers are there to help people, and they genuinely care about their clients. It’s not just about making a living, they want to help people out. Over the years, the Ellis brothers have become more than my lawyers, they are my friends. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has been injured in an accident. Give them a call.”

  • “I would recommend to anyone. The team is wonderful and very easy to work with. I got a fast settlement, and I liked them so much I hired them again. Thank you to all the members.”

  • got me a good settlement in a short period of time. I was very surprised how fast they handled my case. Now I know why my brother recommended I go to !!!! I will gladly recommend them to any person that needs a lawyer. Good Job!!! Thank you team Ellis!!! Es Muy Buena oficina se los recomendare a cualquier persona que los nesesite!!! Muchas Gracias!!”

  • “I have to say that if you are ever injured and need the best attorneys to represent you then you need to hire the . They are the most knowledgeable firm with the quickest and best results that you could imagine. They are all incredibly sweet and are always there to help you. I am so happy that I chose them and can’t be happier with the speedy and great results they were able to get for me. Thank you to the !!! You are the best!!!!”

  • “I was injured at a person’s home due to its unsafe condition. I needed to have surgery and because of the mounting medical bills, I turned my case over to the attorneys at . The Ellis brothers did a great job with the settlement of my case. They kept me updated throughout the process and really simplified an overly complex and stressful situation. I was happy I did not have to go to court, though I knew if it had to go that way, I would have been in good hands. I would hire them again if needed. They are good guys!”

  • represented my wife and I in a particularly challenging case against the state’s largest auto insurance company. Despite the fact that the insurer pulled every trick in the book to deny, then delay, then devalue the claim, the tenacious attorneys at stood their ground again and again, ultimately prevailing in a case that for a while looked like it was going nowhere. We were thoroughly impressed by the creativity, persistence, will power, in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the law and ultimately the holding accountable of the insurer for the claim, and settling for an amount considerably higher than what we expected and years faster than if the case had gone to trial. When insurance carriers are involved, it would be hard to imagine finding legal representation which would be better than what we obtained from . You simply won’t find a more professional, ethical and effective firm than anywhere in Massachusetts.”

  • “I was injured on an amusement park ride when the attendant started the ride prematurely. I hired to represent me. I found the lawyers and staff to be very caring with all my questions and concerns. When the partner brothers represent you, you get the feeling that their representation isn’t driven by just making money, but to make the legal process as smooth as they can so I could move on with my life. The outcome was very good and overall a positive experience. Highly recommended!”

  • “I highly recommend this firm …..very professional and caring! I don’t think my case would have the same outcome with any other firm!”

  • “I was very pleased with the service I received at this office. The lawyers and staff are polite, professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this firm.”

  • “I have to honestly say that the are definitely the best!! They deserve 5 stars. Everyone in the office is extremely knowledgeable, sweet and friendly. If you ever have any kind of injury, accident and anything that you need to hire a great law firm to represent you then you need to hire the . I am so happy to have chosen them because the results were incredibly fast and fantastic. I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you to everyone in the office, you are the best!!!!”