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Proving that negligence was the cause of a car accident

Understanding how negligence applies to car accidents could help Massachusetts drivers avoid accidents. It could also be useful to individuals who have been the victim of an accident and want to show that the other driver was guilty of negligence.

In order for negligence to apply, certain requirements will need to be met. First, an expectation for some reasonable degree of care is required. This usually isn't a problem in the context of car accidents since all drivers are expected to keep others safe. Second, evidence will need to be presented showing that reasonable care was not exercised. Third, evidence will have to be presented showing that personal losses or injuries were the direct result of the driver's negligent actions.

Stressed employees may lead to burnout, accidents

Employees feeling stressed and frustrated at work in Massachusetts may be interested to know that the World Health Organization (WHO) is taking notice. Workplace burnout that comes from stress at work is now considered a serious, diagnosable condition by the organization. The controversial topic has been an area of concern for the past several years as medical practitioners and employers have seen first-hand the effects that burnout has on their employees.

According to WHO, employee burnout is typically characterized by continual stress that is not dealt with in a healthy manner. Symptoms may include reduced professional efficacy, feelings of cynicism or negativity toward work and feelings of depletion or exhaustion. Though some employees may have these feelings at certain time periods, such as before a big deadline, employees who feel this stress on most days are at an increased risk of illness and workplace accidents.

Safety tips for drivers heading out on winter roads

In Massachusetts, as in many other states, winter poses a specific challenge to drivers. The rain and snow can make roads wet and icy, which makes it hard for tires to maintain contact with the ground. It's not unusual for cars to spin out of control or rear-end someone in such weather. Residents who must go out in winter weather are advised to take the following safety tips to heart.

First and foremost, drivers must drop their speed. In snowy conditions, this may mean dropping below the speed limit. When they are approaching a hill, drivers will want to increase their speed before climbing it because accelerating and braking are both bad things to do on a slippery incline.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries

Any serious blow to your head can cause a serious brain injury. You probably already know that it is possible to suffer a brain injury in a car wreck, but this is not the only way. Slip-and-fall accidents are another common cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Even if you do your best to catch yourself during an unexpected fall, there is simply not enough time to react. You can easily hit your head in this situation. If you manage to avoid hitting your head on the ground, a serious jolt to your body and brain can still cause damage, just like in a car wreck.

The ongoing effort of overcoming anxiety after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident in Massachusetts can present victims with many trying challenges that can range in difficulty depending on the severity of the accident they were involved in. While some may be significantly injured from a physical standpoint, others battle the ongoing issue of severe anxiety associated with driving after they have been involved in a traumatic crash. 

Anxiety tied to the experiences that victims have had is an inevitable part of the healing process. For some people, it does not last very long and with timely intervention and early recognition, it can be managed and overcome in a relatively short period of time. For others, however, their fear of getting behind the wheel may be so severe that it interferes with their ability to safely drive and make decisions while behind the wheel. 

Dealing with a repetitive strain injury

People sustain many different types of injuries while they are working, whether someone is injured due to debris falling on them while they are working on a construction site or someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision while performing their job duties. However, some injuries may occur after prolonged exposure to various job-related stressors. Repetitive strain injuries may seem relatively minor, at least in comparison to falling off of a building or being struck by another vehicle at high speeds. However, these injuries can be very debilitating and have shattered the lives of countless workers across Massachusetts.

People employed in a variety of fields may suffer a repetitive stress injury. For example, an office worker may suffer an injury because they are frequently typing, or someone who has to lift large objects throughout the day may sustain an injury to their back after years of working. These injuries can not only keep someone from continuing in their position, but they can disrupt life in a lot of different ways. For example, they may not be able to participate in physical activities they enjoy and they may have a lot of financial problems due to their condition.

Following an employee death, coworkers push for adequate safety

When people think of industries that pose the biggest threat to workers' safety, one that may not immediately cross their mind is aviation. While flying can certainly pose risks to everyone on board, what about the workers who manage safety protocols on the ground and are actively loading and unloading aircraft? These workers in Massachusetts face unique risks as their job requires significant physical exertion, close contact with large machinery and potentially dangerous equipment and sometimes difficult visibility. 

In a recent accident at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, a worker was killed in what coworkers said was a preventable accident created by several factors including poor visibility. An investigation showed that the man was transporting luggage and turned quickly when he spotted a piece of luggage in his path. His sudden movement caused the vehicle he was operating to overturn and he was pinned underneath. His coworkers contend that had better lighting been installed, he may have seen the luggage before it turned into an unavoidable hazard. 

Look out for aggressive drivers on the road

It is not unusual for drivers to get angry while navigating the roadways. In fact, at least 80% of drivers in the United States confess that they have lost their temper while behind the wheel at least once within the past year. While a little anger may be natural for motorists, it can become dangerous if that anger develops into road rage. When people become enraged while driving, they tend to engage in risky and hazardous driving behaviors that can put their lives and the lives of others at risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatal Accident Report System claimed that aggressive driving behaviors were involved in 56% of deadly car accidents within a five-year period. 

It is imperative that drivers understand what these aggressive driving behaviors are so they can avoid them or alert authorities if they happen to come across a driver with road rage. Hazardous behaviors include the following:

Why C-sections should be medically necessary

Advanced technology and increased knowledge and experience have prompted advances in the medical industry that may help you and your family stay healthier. For instance, surgeons can perform operations today that no one had even heard of a few decades ago. When man's progress moves so fast, however, there's a danger of taking certain things for granted or overlooking potential risks.

If you're pregnant, you've hopefully been attending prenatal visits with a Massachusetts obstetrician or midwife who is carefully monitoring your and your baby's condition. You may have heard of people scheduling C-sections out of convenience. Most medical safety experts agree, this is not a good idea. If your doctor recommends a C-section, you have the right to question the recommendation to make sure it is medically necessary.

Do you really have to stay off social media during a lawsuit?

Do Massachusetts courts really take your social-network evidence seriously? In short: They could.

There are a variety of factors that could potentially make your social media posts dangerous to the strength of your case. For example, posts are often publicly available, timestamped, permanent and tied directly to your identity. In fact, the first thing that some defense attorneys do when they get a case is type the plaintiff's names into a search engine and comb their online accounts, taking screenshots as they go.

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