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Man dies in running engine of crane

Anyone in Massachusetts who works in the construction industry knows that there are many dangers on a job site. Working in close proximity to or even directly with large and heavy machinery items like cement mixers, forklifts, backhoes, excavators and more is one of the things that may put a construction worker in harm's way. Safety protocol should always be in place to ensure that workers are not inadvertently injured or killed.

Unfortunately for construction workers, their colleagues and their family members, there are times when even the best safety program fails to protect a person from an accident and its effects. Such seems to be the case for one family who lost their loved one in an incident on a site in New Hampshire recently.

What factors go into spinal cord injury recovery?

Damage to the spinal cord can result in dramatic life-altering consequences. Some injuries result in varying forms of paralysis from which there is no chance of recovery. However, other spinal cord injuries can be less severe in nature, and regaining some independence and quality of life is possible. According to John Hopkins Medicine, whether a patient in Massachusetts can successfully complete spinal cord rehabilitation will depend on a number of factors.

The nature of the injury itself is going to be a critical factor. Some spinal cord injuries are so severe that full healing is not possible. The nature of the disabilities resulting from the spinal cord damage will also impact a person’s ability to rehabilitate. The general health of the patient may make it easier or harder to undergo rehabilitation. A person who is otherwise quite healthy will generally find it easier to regain independence than someone who is sickly.

A strong site-specific safety plan might protect your safety

If you are a construction worker in Massachusetts, you will likely rely on your employer to provide a safe work environment that is free of known safety hazards. Although this is what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration expects from employers, ensuring workplace safety is a massive task. Construction company owners handle large numbers of contractors, and hundreds of construction workers -- each with his or her own level of training and competency -- and each construction site poses unique hazards.

If you gain some knowledge of safety challenges, how to manage the risks and how to mitigate the hazards, you might have a better chance of staying safe. Knowing the requirements of site safety plans can provide additional protection.

Can worn out tires make you crash?

If you have been conflicted about whether or not you should invest in some new tires for your vehicle, you may be wondering just how much more use you can get out of your current set. The truth is, when you are driving in Massachusetts, a dependable and safe set of tires is imperative to your safety and to the efficiency with which your vehicle is able to operate. 

Unsafe tires can still roll and allow your vehicle to move, but that is about the extent of their ability. If you encounter inclement weather or make contact with a hot surface, your tires may not be able to withstand the conditions and they may pop or shred and fall apart. While the risks of something happening to your tires while you are driving are significant, the outcome can be extremely dangerous and result in serious injury or even death, especially if you are traveling at a high rate of speed. 

Physicians And Midwives Disagree On Safety Of Birthing Tubs

The use of birthing tubs during the labor and delivery process has grown in popularity throughout the United States. Proponents of the practice say it is a safe way to reduce labor pain without the use of medications, but physicians are now pushing back on these claims.

More Older Drivers Distracted Behind The Wheel

Over the past decade, most drivers have come to recognize the significant dangers posed by distracted driving. Indeed, no matter whether someone is using his cell phone, adjusting his GPS device or chatting with passengers while behind the wheel, any activity that causes a driver to remove his attention from the road can cause serious car accidents. Despite the widespread nature of distracted driving behaviors, the general belief is that younger drivers are more likely to engage in activities that render them a hazard. New data shows, however, that the incidence of distracted driving is increasing among older drivers.

Awareness Is Important In Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

As the weather turns warmer, drivers are likely to see motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles appearing on the roads of Worcester County. Motorcycles have grown more popular as modes of transportation because they don't cost as much as a car to maintain and operate. As such, it is important for drivers to be on the lookout for bikers in order to prevent a collision that can result in serious injury or death.

The Cost Of Construction Accidents For Massachusetts Workers

In February WPRI reported that a construction worker in Swansea needed emergency assistance after a dock collapsed on top of him. The man, who was taken to a nearby hospital, was apparently in the process of building the structure and the cause of the accident, as well as his overall condition, was unknown.

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