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Rear-End & Rollover Car Accidents

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A rear-end collision, a rollover accident or any auto accident with injuries can put your life into a holding pattern while you deal with your physical recovery and worry about bills and lost income. Understanding the insurance claims process can be quite complex and overwhelming to the average person. At times like this, it is good to have a team of personal injury lawyers experienced in a range of motor vehicle accidents. We will represent you from the time you hire our law firm until the settlement or verdict is reached.

Rear-End Collision · Rollover Accident · Car Crash Injuries
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At in Worcester, Massachusetts, we have been protecting the rights of, and obtaining compensation for, car accident victims since 1963. Most of our new clients come to us because they have heard about our results from previous clients.

  • A rear-end collision often results in severe injuries because the people in the rear-ended vehicle may not even see the collision coming. As a result, they may not have time to brace for impact. The danger comes from behind the vehicle, usually from a distracted driver who simply was not using due care. The at-fault driver may have been talking or texting on a cellphone or eating or doing other things that distracted them from driving safely. The result? Serious injuries to people who did nothing wrong.
  • Some SUVs are more prone to rollover accidents because they are often top-heavy and have increased body lean as compared to a passenger car. A rollover may cause serious damage to the passenger compartment of the vehicle and often results in a badly crushed roof. Rollovers can be caused by a collision with another vehicle that was negligent or sudden turns to avoid an accident that was caused by another driver. Whatever the cause, the injuries can be more severe and often end with fatalities as compared to passenger vehicle accidents.

Combine a rear-end collision with other complications such as an uninsured motorist or a drunk driver, and the insurance claims can become even more complex. The more serious the damages to the vehicle and the injuries to its occupants, the more complex the claim becomes. Oftentimes this means the insurance company may fight even harder. Let us take out the complexity in these claims. Call a personal injury attorney who will protect your rights and fight for necessary compensation.

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You do not have to deal with personal injury claims, property damage claims, medical bill claims and lost wages claims yourself. You can ask your lawyer to sort out the complexities of these matters. Count on the experience and compassion of our personal injury attorneys. Contact us for a free consultation.