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Stairs And Railings

Some of the worst falling accidents happen on stairs. The combination of a slipping hazard and gravity can quickly result in a serious tumble and nasty injuries. Property owners can be liable when a person is injured because of dangerous conditions on stairways.

The premises liability attorneys of Ellis Law Offices LLP have a good track record with these cases. Our lawyers work quickly to preserve evidence and show that the stairs were improperly constructed or poorly maintained.

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Dangerous Or Defective Stairs

Because of the potential for serious a slip-and-fall injury, stairways are subject to strict building codes, such as the uniform height and depth of each step. Property owners also have a responsibility to keep stairwells in good repair and free of hazards. A breach of this duty opens the door for a premises liability claim.

A business owner, landlord or homeowner can be liable for injuries tracing to dangerous conditions on stairways, such as:

  • Broken or missing steps
  • Loose or missing handrails
  • Tripping hazards or obstructions
  • Torn carpets or rugs
  • Code violations (noncompliant treads or risers)
  • Inadequate stairwell lighting
  • Unexpected drop-offs or step-ups
  • Icy steps or ramps outside the building

Committed To Full Compensation

We know firsthand the debilitating injuries that often result from stairway accidents. These include serious spine injuries, broken bones and head injuries from the fall itself, and sometimes serious soft tissue injuries (back, shoulders, groin) from trying to break one’s fall. We work with clients and medical professionals to document the extent of injury and the lasting effects so that our clients are fully compensated for the aftermath in their lives.
Contact our law firm today for a free consultation. If you cannot come to our law offices, we can come to your hospital or home, anywhere in the state. You do not owe any attorney fees unless we recover compensation.