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Failing To Ensure Site Safety Measures

Massachusetts Lawyers For Failing To Ensure Site Safety Measures At A Construction Site

Property owners, construction site contractors (general and subcontractors), property developers and all other construction contractors can be found liable under third-party negligence law for failing to ensure site safety measures. Failing to ensure site safety measures at a construction site has a very broad-reaching application and often includes OSHA safety violations. Some examples of the failure to ensure site safety are improperly trained or incompetent supervisors or project managers, the failure to keep a site clean of debris, the failure to train employers and other workers on the site of safety protocols for that particular site, and the machinery used at that site. The failure to make available safety equipment, i.e., hard hats, protective eyewear, machinery guards, scaffolding, ladders, respirators, etc. This is just a small sample of possible failures to ensure safety. This will be discussed in more detail in other sections of the website.

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