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You Have The Right To Fire Your Lawyer

If you are unhappy with your lawyer and they are not giving you updates on your case, not returning calls or getting the results you deserve, you have the right to terminate your dealings with that firm and get a copy of your file.

You may also hire , and we will fire your lawyer and get a copy of your file for you. Contact us today to discuss your legal rights if your current attorney is not advocating for you effectively and professionally.

If You’re Unhappy With Your Lawyer Have Fire Them!

If you’re unhappy with your lawyer and feel uncomfortable about directly dismissing your current attorney, hire , and we will fire your lawyer for you. Our clients fill out an affidavit that prevents your past attorney from doing any future work on your file, and demands the attorney copy your file and send it to us within a reasonable time so we can begin work. You do not owe the prior attorney any money at this point in time.

If you fire your present attorney and hire , the prior attorney’s legal fees will be paid out of our portion of the attorney’s fees. In conclusion, fear of incurring additional attorney fees should not be a deciding factor or hinder your decision to get rid of an attorney that you’re unhappy with.

Your legal case, your health and your long-term interests may depend on starting over with a competent and committed lawyer. Call us at 508-762-4334 to learn more.