Teenager allegedly assaulted by staff at inpatient facility

By: admin August 21, 2006

$230,000 settlement

The 14-year-old plaintiff was non-verbal and mentally impaired.

While at an inpatient facility, the plaintiff was found by one of the staff to be bleeding, with bruises throughout his body.

There was some question based on the nature and location of the plaintiff's injuries, and as to whether the plaintiff was sexually assaulted.

The suspected assailant was the night-shift staff member responsible for the plaintiff's care. The defendant inpatient facility's position was that the injuries were self-inflicted.

The case was settled shortly after mediation.

Type of action: Negligence & tort
Injuries alleged: Severe contusions and lacerations
Special damages: $10,428
Amount of settlement: $230,000
Highest offer: $230,000