Car Vs. Semi Truck Accidents

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Large commercial trucks, which are often called 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers or big rigs, present a large danger on the roads. They can carry loads up to 30 tons (60,000 pounds). These tremendously heavy loads can cause these large trucks to have devastating collisions. Even the largest of SUVs cannot hold up to the catastrophic forces generated by a collision with a semi truck.

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Causes Of Semi Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are generally more complex and more difficult than other types of vehicle accidents.

Special laws governing commercial vehicles are in place in an attempt to make semi trucks safer. These laws address the following:

  • Limiting the hours drivers can work
  • Limiting the size of the load
  • The manner in which cargo is secured
  • The requirement of a special class license to operate such big rigs

Despite the existence of these laws to promote safety, companies and drivers under pressure to meet deadlines often bend or break the rules. Driver fatigue is often one of the major causes of commercial truck accidents, as well as poor vehicle maintenance.

In A Commercial Truck Accident, Time Is Of The Essence To Hire An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer.

When a commercial truck is involved in an accident, the trucking company will almost always immediately send their lawyers and investigators to the scene. The trucking companies, their lawyers and their insurance company will diligently try to prove they are not at fault for the accident, and will oftentimes deny the claim of the victims.

It is imperative to hire an experienced Massachusetts truck attorney immediately after a truck accident — an attorney who will promptly commence their own investigation in all aspects of the case. This includes calling in our own team of truck accident re-construction engineers to accurately prove who or what caused the catastrophic accident.

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