Bicycle Accidents

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers For Car/Bicycle Accidents

Every year approximately 40,000 bicyclists are injured in car-bicycle accidents, along with hundreds of fatalities. On average 8 percent of all nonmotorists killed in traffic accidents are bicycle riders.

Causes Of Car/Bicycle Accidents

An unprotected bicyclist is at high risk for severe injuries or death when hit by a large, fast-moving vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds. The fact is that cars and bicycles must share the road, and to do so safely, both must use extra care and caution. Oftentimes, motorists do not pay close enough attention to bicyclists, and operate their vehicle in a dangerous manner, such as:

  • Passing too close to a bicyclist
  • Turning in front of a bicyclist
  • Disregard a bicyclist's path
  • Opening a car door without looking for approaching cyclists
  • Stopping abruptly in front of a bicyclist's path

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