Anesthesia Errors And Complications

Anesthesia Complications

Anesthesia complications can be caused by the anesthesiologist or they may be caused by the negligence of other health care providers. The list below are some examples that constitute medical malpractice:

  • The failure to seek informed consent for anesthesia
  • The failure of a doctor, anesthesiologist or nurse administering the anesthesia, to make sure the patient is properly breathing and receiving sufficient oxygen. The deprivation of oxygen often results in serious complications such as brain damage
  • IV's placed into the wrong artery can also cause serious complications such as stroke
  • The use of the wrong drug during spinal cord anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding at the injection site of spinal cord anesthesia can cause paralysis by putting significant pressure on the spinal cord.
  • With regional anesthesia, nerve damage can result if the doctor inserts the needle directly into a nerve.