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Why Hire A Local Law Firm?

Many non-local law firms have infiltrated our area that are often seen in TV commercials, on billboards, and on internet advertising. Many of these lawyers and firms are located across the State, or across the Country, even though they “appear” to be local. Some of these firms are merely lawyer referral services, who refer you to another law firm, of which you never selected and know nothing about. Know who you are calling as there are countless legal strategic benefits to hiring local, which often results in better case outcomes.

We are locally accessible and very approachable to our clients, which makes the case process less stressful and less frustrating. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the local area, the local court system, local arbitrators, local mediators, local experts, local medical specialists, and have excellent working relationships with insurance companies, adjusters and opposing counsel. Hiring local often brings advantages, with better and more thorough case development, better results, and higher verdicts and settlements.