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Why Choosing A TV Law Firm To Represent You May Not Be Such A Good Idea

TV lawyer advertisements and television commercials have grown in popularity in recent years. Some of the personalities looking like lawyers on TV are not even lawyers, but TV spokesperson actors. While some others may be lawyers but have not seen a client or practiced personal injury law in decades.

The businesses behind these television ads are often no more than a “referral house” where they refer your case out to a network consisting of other law firms. The end result is you wind up with a lawyer and law firm that you know very little about and never chose in the first place. Oftentimes, you never speak again with the business or lawyer you initially called on TV. When you call a firm, ask them how many clients they solely represent, not including the ones transferred to outside lawyers and law firms.

has been a powerful advocate for the injured since 1963 with over 100 years of combined legal experience. We have built a strong reputation in the personal injury field. From your case inception and client intake, all the way to complex jury trials, our team of attorneys will represent you through settlement or litigation.

has been one of Super Pages largest yellow page advertisers. Though our yellow page advertising and internet advertising are strong, we also have broadcast TV commercials for many years. We are different than many of the TV lawyers and referral house firms mentioned above because we directly represent the clients that hire us. Hire , and that is exactly what you get — a team of experienced personal injury attorneys that will fight to get you a full and fair settlement. If litigation is necessary, then that is very typically handled by our litigation trial attorneys at .

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