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Qualities Of A Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Today it is not good enough to solely make a decision based on a lawyer TV commercial or a flashy internet website. TV commercials are often businesses that refer your case out to a network of other law firms of which you know nothing about. Many attorneys and their law firms’ websites claim to be specialists in all aspects of personal injury law when in reality they are not.

When choosing a law firm, look at what percentage of the firm’s practice is directed to personal injury law. ‘ personal injury law focus is over 99 percent.

  • Lawyers With The Right Personality — We are lawyers that pride ourselves for being very approachable. This means we are very down to earth, understanding and humble attorneys that speak “with” our clients and not “down to” or “at them”. We speak, we advise and we listen. However, when the chips are down we are stern and tough with the insurance companies and defense attorneys and fight for what is best for our clients!
  • High volume — How much volume in personal injury law cases does the law firm process? has been practicing personal injury law since 1963 and has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases from soft tissue neck sprains to severe spinal and brain injuries.
  • High volume brings experience — A substantial volume of personal injury law cases brings the experience needed to become specialists in this field. We have an extensive support staff and a team of lawyers to give you the representation you deserve.
  • Choose a law firm with strong financial resources — Complex injury cases are very expensive to bring to trial and can cost tens of thousands of dollars in engineering and medical experts alone. has the financial resources to hire all experts needed to assure you the best chance of a successful settlement or judgment.
  • Choose a law firm with an “in-house” trial department ‘ litigation department and trial lawyers will handle your case through to a jury trial, if necessary. Many other personal injury law firms with no litigation department will either accept a low settlement offer or refer the case out to a trial lawyer of whom you know nothing about.

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