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Are You at the Right Ellis Law Firm?

We are Ellis Law Offices, the personal injury law firm that has been extensively advertising in the Yellow Pages for the last 25 years, including the front cover banner, on many billboards, on multiple TV commercials, and now exclusively on WRTA exterior bus banners. Our advertising clearly displays the following: our firm name, our website address, as well as our physical address on 33 Pleasant Street in Worcester. This is done to limit confusion to the public as there are many other Ellis lawyers and Ellis law firms in the Worcester area that are not affiliated with our firm. Of note, we have no affiliation with the former Ellis & Ellis that was previously located on Norwich Street in Worcester, nor do we have any affiliation with Ellis & Associates that is presently located on Madison Street in Worcester.

Our law firm was originally founded by George N. Ellis Sr. in 1963. George Sr. practiced law on Main Street in Worcester, and subsequently relocated the firm to 33 Pleasant Street in Worcester in 1993. The sons George N. Ellis Jr., James G. Ellis, and Nicholas G. Ellis joined the law firm over 25 years ago when the firm name changed to Ellis Law Offices LLP. We have never gone by any other law firm name, nor have we been located at any other physical address in Worcester. If you saw our advertising or were referred to us, but inadvertently went to another Ellis law firm not located at 33 Pleasant Street, then you are at the wrong Ellis law firm! Please call us if such a mistake has been made, and we would be happy to assist you.