Complications with a breech delivery

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When you discover that you are pregnant, you never expect to encounter any risks or complications. You think about the joy of your impending birth, expecting that you will have a normal and healthy delivery. Unfortunately, normal complications can arise. This can place parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere in a difficult predicament. For mothers-to-be who are told that their baby is breech, this often means planning and preparing for a C-section. However, some doctors may attempt to do a vaginal birth.

When breech babies are birthed through the birth canal, this could give rise to birth injuries. While an Ob-Gyn might attempt to place your baby in position so you can deliver in the normal position, this is not always successful.

Based on current statistics, breech babies develop more problems after delivery than babies born in the normal position. However, roughly 93 percent of breech babies do not suffer from any birth injury. While the risks might seem small, it is possible that a breech baby may suffer developmental abnormalities.

The breech position can cause the umbilical cord to become pressed, and when the mother’s water breaks when the baby is in the breech position, this can increase the possibility for injury to the baby. Complications associated with a breech baby typically include umbilical cord prolapse, placenta previa, uterine abnormalities and a difficult delivery. Because of that, C-sections are often used to prevent injury to mother and baby.

If an Ob-Gyn decides to forego a C-section and attempt to deliver the baby vaginally, there are risks of birth injury. This could mean suffering injuries to the arms and shoulders. Additionally, there could be issues regarding blood flow and blood loss. Both of these could mean harm to both mother and baby.

If your baby has suffered injuries as a result of a breech birth, it is important to understand the situation and your rights. A medical malpractice suit could help place accountability on the doctor and help parents recover compensation for the losses and damages arising from the incident.

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