Three considerations for serious injury recovery

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Accidents happen every day across Massachusetts and our nation. Thankfully, many of those injuries end up being minor. However, sometimes injuries are more serious, and recovery can be daunting. Injuries that are generally considered serious include:

  • Crush injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury

These circumstances can cause serious impairment for the rest of an injured person’s life. In many cases, going back to work is no longer an option. If you or someone you love has just been seriously injured, here are three things to consider about the medical side of recovery.

Recovery isn’t just physical. Recovery involves more than just surgery to heal bones, tendons or ligaments. It may also involve physical therapy, retraining the brain and psychiatric referral. The whole body has been affected, and recovery needs to be holistic.

You can get a second opinion. When you are told by medical professionals that further recovery is not possible, there are several ways to handle this. Getting a second opinion is always the best thing to do first. If you think there are medical options at another facility or through another doctor, look into them. There are many people who have been told by one doctor that there was no more help available for a complex condition. Yet, the sufferer or their family turned around and found someone else who could help at a higher level.

Focus on building coping skills. Sometimes there is truly no more that can be done to improve upon certain permanent effects of an injury. This can be very difficult to accept for the injured person and their loved ones. Despite how discouraging this can be, it’s important to focus on all positive points, even if they are small. It’s also important to remember that although there may not be medical solutions to certain bodily problems, as fast as medical care is advancing, there may be answers even in the near future.

Going through the recovery process after a serious injury takes a lot of persistence, conscious positive thinking, and courage. It can also help to have a committed personal injury attorney who can facilitate the process of securing the resources you need to achieve your fullest possible recovery.


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