Don’t let a birth injury ruin your financial future

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Birth Injury

When a child is born, the child’s parents often feel a lot of expectation. They dream about the child’s future and about all the wonderful things the child will be able to accomplish. They look forward to the child’s first smile, first words and first steps. And beyond these early milestones, parents have hopes about the child’s educational success, career path and future family life.

Sadly, all of these dreams can disappear due to the negligence of a medical professional. If doctors, nurses and other medical professional do not carefully attend to a laboring mother and child, a birth injury is likely to occur. This injury can turn all these dreams into nightmares. A child suffering from a birth injury may require extensive life-long care. Instead of wondering about when a child will walk or talk, a parent may have to worry if a child will ever walk or talk.

With these worries comes a large financial burden. Children who suffer from serious birth injuries often need medical treatment, rehabilitation, daily care and more. In order to get the care these children need, parents may need to fight with insurance companies, pay out of pocket or rely on social services. These expenses can quickly become overwhelming for any parent.

Our law firm can help parents find peace following a birth injury. While a lawsuit cannot take away the emotional or physical pain caused by a birth injury, it can help to ensure that parents have the financial resources they need to get their child the best treatment possible.

For decades, our firm has worked to get Massachusetts residents the help they need following a personal injury. We can help people determine if a birth injury was caused by a medical mistake and how they should proceed. Please see our website for more information about birth injuries and your legal rights.


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