When a workers’ compensation claim runs into resistance

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

For the past few weeks, our Worcester personal injury law blog has been focusing on the subject of Massachusetts workers injured on the job. We concluded our last post by noting that employers’ insurance companies are not always completely accommodating when injured workers file workers’ compensation claims. In these situations, a legal professional can be an important advocate on your behalf.

The fact is that many workers here in Worcester may not be completely knowledgeable about just what rights they do have. Insurance companies can try to take advantage of this, perhaps delaying, reducing or even denying a claim altogether. Bringing professional legal representation to the table can help ensure your rights will be protected, because an attorney experienced in this field will be all too familiar with the tactics insurance companies fall back on.

For one thing, insurance companies need to pay workers’ compensation claims promptly. Injured employees may be unable to work, and without those wages, they and any family members they support are going to be particularly vulnerable. If you were hurt on the job, you’re entitled to timely payment of a portion of your average weekly lost wages while you recover.

Another problem can come up when you’ve been collecting benefits, but suddenly are notified that it’s time to return to work and that your benefits are getting discontinued. Are you still in pain? Are you able to do everything that you used to do without any impediment? Have you had a follow-up exam and a doctor’s approval to resume working? These are important considerations for your health, and it’s not up to an insurance company to unilaterally make these decisions.

Unfortunately, workers may feel intimidated by both an employer and an insurance company and may feel like they just want to go along and not make things more difficult than they already are. But if you’ve experienced anything along the lines we’ve described above, take a look at our Know Your Workers’ Comp Rights page before making any decisions. Remember that your health, your job and your family’s security are worth fighting for.


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