How to determine fault in a multi-vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Establishing car accident fault, in most cases, is a challenge. However, untangling the truth becomes more complicated when the accident involves more than two vehicles.

If you recently experienced a multi-vehicle crash, there are ways that you can prove who caused the accident and obtain a fair resolution.

Collision analysis

About 3,500 people died in distracted driving-related accidents in 2021, securing distracted driving’s reputation as one of the leading dangers on the road. To save lives, professionals can use collision analysis to determine why these accidents happen. Additionally, collision analysis can determine fault during a car accident lawsuit.

During the analysis, professionals analyze the scene to determine the cause of an accident or the sequence of events. They look for points of impact, vehicle positions and skid marks to estimate how the accident occurred. Eyewitness accounts can also provide valuable perspectives about the chain of events, often clarifying details about the accident.

Vehicle damage

The damage to your vehicle can help tell the story of the accident. For example, the location of the damage can establish which car hit the other. In most multi-vehicle accidents, there is a chain reaction. One collision will cause subsequent impacts to occur. For example, if you are the second car in a multi-vehicle accident, the damage may reflect that the culprit hit you and the force caused you to hit another car.

In addition to examination and analysis of the scene of the accident and damage to the vehicles, you may also be able to utilize video evidence from traffic cameras and neighboring business and residential cameras.


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