What should you do if a dog bites your child?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Animal Bites, Personal Injury

As a parent, you want to protect your child from harm and help them when bad things happen. A serious dog bite can be painful and traumatic for a young child and could lead to complications and emotional distress.

Deciding how to respond to a dog bite can be complicated for various reasons. Reviewing your options and making an informed decision when a dog bites your child is important.

Gathering information

After a dog bite, you should remove your child from the dog’s presence. If possible, get the contact information from the owner and any witnesses. Consider taking photos of your child’s injuries and recording their account of the situation. You should also save evidence of the bite, such as damaged clothing. Depending on the circumstances, you might call law enforcement to get a police report, too.

In most cases, you should administer first aid and seek medical care as soon as possible. Dog bites can cause bacterial infections and damage the skin and underlying tissues, potentially contributing to long-term pain and mobility issues. A doctor can help you care for your child and provide documentation of their injuries.

Protecting your child

Some people feel uncomfortable seeking compensation after a dog bite, especially if the owner is a neighbor, relative or family friend. However, in many cases, the owner has homeowner’s insurance which can cover your child’s medical expenses. Dog bites can cause more than just physical pain. Many children experience psychological trauma after a dog bite. You can seek fair compensation through an insurance settlement or even pursue litigation to protect your child’s interests.

It is crucial to collect evidence and contact information, seek prompt medical attention and consider your options for compensation if a dog bites your child.


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