How can you support your workers’ compensation claim?

If you get hurt on the job, you want to be sure that the state workers’ compensation system will pay for your medical bills. One of the first steps you must take is to file a claim using Form 110. Massachusetts also requires workers to file a copy of one item of evidence along with it.

There are a variety of documents you can send to the Department of Industrial Accidents along with Form 110. You will eventually need to provide copies of all of the following in a conciliation meeting, so it can help to know about them in advance.

Witness accounts and names

The DIA allows injured workers to submit witness names and witness statements along with Form 110. A witness account is important to have as your employer may doubt your claim or allege that you were responsible for your condition.

Work reports

You should notify your employer as soon as possible about your injury. Your employer will probably conduct an investigation of the incident and gather accounts from other workers to compose an overall action report. Any work report that explains what happened to you may provide support for your claim.

Medical reports

Having your doctor examine you and diagnose your injuries helps you understand the seriousness of your condition and your prospects for recovery. You may attach a copy of a medical report from your doctor to your Form 110 along with your unpaid medical bills.

Massachusetts allows you to file your form and documents in person or by mail. Gathering as much evidence as possible might help you when you reach conciliation and attempt to reach an agreement on your coverage.


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