How quickly will TBI effects manifest?

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After suffering from a car crash, injuries to the head, neck and back will often surface. In particular, head injuries can pose a problem, especially the more serious traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

It is important for people to know potential signs that might indicate a TBI, as this allows for faster treatment. This can ultimately prevent long-term damage from occurring.

Changes in consciousness and physical pain

Mayo Clinic examines the impact of TBIs on a victim. TBIs will often have immediate and notable effects, which sets them apart from mild and even moderate brain injuries. Those injuries can have symptoms manifesting over the course of hours, days or even weeks.

As for TBIs, some signs might prove too big to ignore, like the victim falling into a comatose state or otherwise losing consciousness for a substantial period of time. Victims might experience crippling, debilitating headaches and head pain, or nerve pain that prevents them from moving like usual.

Cognitive effects

Cognitive effects will often take hold quickly, too. Victims might seem extremely disoriented or confused and might suffer from short-term memory loss as well. They might not know where they are or remember how they got there. In extreme cases, they might not even recognize the people they were with at the time of the crash.

Unfortunately, many TBIs have lasting impacts on the victim’s health and mental well-being. But the longer it takes to get treatment, the worse the potential impact gets. This is why it is important to recognize a potential TBI as fast as possible and report it to the medical staff taking care of the victim.


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