Am I eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for injuries you suffer at work. The very basic requirements to receive benefits include suffering an injury while on the job and being an employee of the company.

However, explains there are also specific requirements you need to meet to actually get the specific workers’ compensation benefits.

Covered employer

You must work for an employer that carries workers’ compensation insurance. It is up to each employer to secure this insurance, but the state does mandate who must carry it. If your employer should have it under the law but fails to get it, then you would have to go through the court to receive any benefits or payment.


To get benefits for lost wages, you have to be off work and unable to work for at least five days. You do not have to miss five days in a row, but you do need to lose at least five days on the job due to the injury.

You also need to file as soon as possible. For most injuries, this will be right after you have the accident. For illnesses, you may not realize they are work-related right away, but once you do know, you have four years to file your claim.

If you do not miss five days of work, you can still get medical benefits. The system will pay for all medical-related needs associated with the injury.

Keep in mind that if you feel you qualify for benefits but your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer denies your claim, the state does have an appeals process where you can make your claim and seek a new ruling.


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