Tips to avoid rush-hour accidents

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents

As many workplaces return to business as usual, traffic during rush hour has increased throughout Massachusetts. Drivers may be at risk for accidents as they acclimate to the higher volume of cars, trucks and motorcycles on the state’s roads.

Review these rush-hour driving tips to help prevent serious auto accident injuries.

Travel at a safe speed

Rushing during rush hour can result in driving danger, especially on highly trafficked roads. Pay attention to posted speed limit signs and slow down if necessary to keep a safe distance from other drivers. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Reduce stress

Avoid getting carried away by anxiety, anger or frustration when trapped in rush hour traffic. If you find your blood pressure rising, take a few deep breaths or listen to relaxing music. Pull off the road and take a break if necessary.

Avoid distractions

You know texting while driving is dangerous, but other distractions also take your eyes and mind of the road. Eat breakfast, send last-minute emails and finish your grooming routine before you leave the house.

Plan your route

If possible, use an alternate route to work or school to avoid dangerous areas. Certain roads and intersections have a higher rate of accidents. When you use less busy roads you reduce your risk for a crash. If you have flexibility at your workplace, try starting earlier or later than usual so you can miss the bulk of traffic on the road.

These tips will help you stay safe if you have or will soon return to the busy rush hour commute.


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