What is the safest spot in the car?

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Auto accidents are quite prevalent with too many of them leading to fatalities. Automakers work hard and continue to develop ways to make their vehicles safer, but for now, there is always some risk.

Business Insider explains that research shows there is one spot in a typical vehicle that is safer than the other options, but that safe does not mean you have complete protection. Safe simply means that you have a lower risk of injury or death compared to the other seating positions. In addition, it is imperative that no matter where you sit that you wear your seatbelt.

Safest spot in a car

In a car with a front and back seat, the safest position is the rear middle spot. This is nothing new as research shows this has always been the most protected and least risky spot in which to sit.

The reason this is the best position is that it is the most cushioned from all impact spots. So, if you sit here, you will not take a direct hit or have a direct impact like you would in a different position.

However, as advances continue in automobile safety, there is a chance that the other seating positions in a vehicle could become just as safe. In fact, research now shows that for older individuals, the safest spot is the front seat.

Safest spot in other modes of transportation

Maybe you do not travel in a car often, so you wonder about other modes of transportation. There is research to support the best spots on buses, trains and planes. You should note that as with autos, the safest spot always is in a place where there is the least amount of impact possible.

In a bus, you should sit in the middle center seat on the side opposite to traffic. On a train, choose the center car and sit in a rear-facing seat. On a plane, book a seat in the back and take a middle seat.


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