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January 2019 Archives

More Older Drivers Distracted Behind The Wheel

Over the past decade, most drivers have come to recognize the significant dangers posed by distracted driving. Indeed, no matter whether someone is using his cell phone, adjusting his GPS device or chatting with passengers while behind the wheel, any activity that causes a driver to remove his attention from the road can cause serious car accidents. Despite the widespread nature of distracted driving behaviors, the general belief is that younger drivers are more likely to engage in activities that render them a hazard. New data shows, however, that the incidence of distracted driving is increasing among older drivers.

Awareness Is Important In Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

As the weather turns warmer, drivers are likely to see motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles appearing on the roads of Worcester County. Motorcycles have grown more popular as modes of transportation because they don't cost as much as a car to maintain and operate. As such, it is important for drivers to be on the lookout for bikers in order to prevent a collision that can result in serious injury or death.

The Cost Of Construction Accidents For Massachusetts Workers

In February WPRI reported that a construction worker in Swansea needed emergency assistance after a dock collapsed on top of him. The man, who was taken to a nearby hospital, was apparently in the process of building the structure and the cause of the accident, as well as his overall condition, was unknown.

Federal Guidelines May Require Car Makers To Limit Distracted Driving

Like anywhere in the United States, distracted driving is a safety issue in Worcester County and plays a major role in car accidents and near-accidents in Worcester, Fitchburg and Boston. Even Massachusetts and many other states have laws against distracted driving behaviors, drivers continue to text and use handheld cellphones while behind the wheel. Therefore, the federal government may be getting into the mix to further encourage drivers to put their cellphones down when driving.

Study: Distractions During Surgery Increase Risk Of Surgical Errors

Surgery can be a stressful experience even if undergoing a routine procedure. It requires the patent to put their trust in the surgeon to do all they can to avoid surgical errors. As a mistake can make the difference between life and death, it seems reasonable that surgeons and other medical professionals would take steps to minimize the chance of being distracted while operating on the patient. However, a recent study found that distractions are a significant problem during surgery.

Teens At Greater Risk For Distracted Driving

In Massachusetts and across the nation, distracted driving has received increasing attention as the general population becomes more aware of its dangers. This is a good thing, as according to the Department of Transportation, distracted driving killed over 3,000 people in car accidents nationwide during 2010 alone. In addition, the department also reported that distracted drivers injured 416,000 people during the same time period.

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