Taking action when birth injury harms your child

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2018 | Birth Injury

We are vulnerable. Even lives that have just begun are not safe from harms and dangers. It is a sad reality to think that an unborn or newborn baby could endure harm from the negligence of medical professionals. Whether it’s improper care during pregnancy or mistakes made during the labor and delivery process, birth injuries could alter the life of a newborn the moment they are born.

No parent is prepared to hear that their baby is a victim of a birth injury or birth defect. This is a shocking and overwhelming situation, causing parents to become confused and emotional. At Ellis Law offices, LLP, our skilled legal team is well versed in the applicable laws and are prepared to help parents in the Worcester area pursue a medical malpractice action against a negligent medical professional.

Because parents are often shocked by the news that their newborn has suffered a birth injury, it is likely unclear to them how this event even happened. Thus, our experienced law firm is prepared to help our clients uncover what happened and who is to blame for this unfortunate event. While uncovering evidence to determine if medical errors or negligence is to blame, we are also prepared to calculate the damages suffered.

Depending on the severity of the birth injury, a baby may require not only immediate medical treatment but ongoing treatment as well. If the injury has disrupted the child’s quality of life, this could also be calculated in the damages suffered. A medical malpractice action could result in the recovery of compensation used to address medical bills, future medical expenses, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and other related damages and losses.

Having a child is a joyous time, and no parent expects that medical malpractice could disrupt that. Unfortunately, this could occur, making it important for parents to understand their rights and options in this situation.


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