Birth injuries and birth defects caused by medical negligence

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Welcoming a baby into this world is an exciting time for new parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere. As they prepare for the birth of their child, many things go through their mind. This often includes what they will name their child, what life will be like when they bring their newborn home and what obstacles they might face as a new parent. However, most parents do not consider the serious or grave events that could possibly occur. It is tough to consider the difficulties of child birthing or the possibility of their baby suffering birth injuries because of the errors or negligence of a medical professional.

There are two types of harms a baby could suffer because of the negligence of a medical professional. These include a birth injury and a birth defect. Complications during the pregnancy or birth of an infant could be the cause of such harms; however, they could also be the cause of avoidable situations occurring during both pregnancy and labor and delivery.

With regards to birth defects, these occur as a result of harm caused to the baby during pregnancy. These can occur for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from genetics to drugs and alcohol used during the pregnancy. It can be difficult to discern the exact cause of a birth defect, but the medicine and medical advice given to a mother during her pregnancy could be the cause. Thus, medical negligence should not be ruled out if a baby has suffered birth defects.

On the other hand, a birth injury is defined as an injury occurring during labor and delivery. While not all birth injuries are caused by medical negligence, many are the result of a doctor’s improper medical techniques or the improper use of a medical device. Although most birth injuries occur during the labor and delivery phase, these could also occur during pregnancy. If a doctor has given improper prenatal care to a moth, this could result in harms to the baby.

No one expects to have the birth of their new child challenged by the negligence of a medical professional; however, this is a reality that parents across the nation face. If you believe a negligent medical professional is to blame for the harms caused to your newborn, it is possible to hold them accountable through a medical malpractice claim. Through this claim, parents could also recover compensation for their losses and damages.

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