Crash potentially involving speeding ends in tragedy

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A serious auto accident in another Massachusetts town a little over an hour from Worcester left one person dead and another person being hospitalized due to injuries caused by the accident, although the extent of the injuries was not known.

The accident was being investigated by authorities, but early reports suggest speeding may have been a factor in this accident. Reports from police suggest that an officer with the local police department called in a speeding driver on the street where the accident occurred. Shortly thereafter, dispatchers received the report of the accident, which caused severe damage to the front ends of both vehicles involved.

Although the person who died, a 69-year-old male, has been identified, authorities are withholding details of the 71-year-old who got taken to the hospital. Several emergency responders worked to clear the crash and tend to the injured motorists, and the wreck wound up closing an important thoroughfare temporarily.

While it will no doubt take some time to sort out the exact cause of this accident, this tragedy still serves as a morning to drivers with a “lead foot” that speeding is a bad driving habit which can lead to serious and even fatal auto accidents.

While the focus on driver safety these days seems to be fatigued, distracted and drunk driving, it is important for all Massachusetts residents to remember that even an apparently simple thing like going too fast for the conditions or exceeding the posted speed limit can have serious consequences.

Motorists and Massachusetts have an obligation to drive at a speed in which they will be able to anticipate and respond to changing road conditions and hazards. If a driver fails in this responsibility, he or she may have to pay compensation following an accident.

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