Common questions related to dog bites and attacks

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A dog can be man’s best friend. Unfortunately, some dogs are not as friendly as they appear, and this is one reason why dog bites and attacks occur from time to time.

If you have any reason to believe that a dog may be dangerous, it’s important to keep your distance, if at all possible. By doing this, you decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Have you been recently injured by a dog? Are you worried about what to do next? There are many questions related to this type of attack, and here are a few of the most important:

— What happens if a neighbor’s dog bites you on your own property?

— Are you able to make a claim if you were invited to a neighbor’s home and then attacked by their dog?

— What happens if you are injured by a police dog?

— Is it possible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if you were bit while performing a job-related duty?

— Are you familiar with the leash law in your city?

— Do you know what type of treatment you need to receive to put your injuries in the past, once and for all?

You never dream of the day when you could be attacked by a dog, but this could happen when you least expect it. If you are put in this situation, don’t wait to receive medical attention and to learn more about your legal rights. A personal injury attorney is one source for answers to the above questions following a dog bite injury.

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