Local crash shows an auto accident can happen anywhere

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When people in Worcester, Boston or any of the surrounding communities enter a restaurant, they usually expect to have a relaxing experience where they can perhaps forget the troubles of the day. However, a recent local event shows that auto accidents can happen literally anywhere, even inside a restaurant. When a negligent driver crashes into a business, home or other building, the potential for serious injury or death is immense. Unfortunately in this case, on March 1 two people were killed when a car crashed into a Massachusetts restaurant.

The incident occurred at a Sweet Tomatoes restaurant in Newton earlier this month, late on a weekday afternoon. Reportedly, an SUV came charging into the building and ultimately claimed the lives of two people: a 32-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman. In addition to the two fatalities, seven other people suffered injuries. The accident investigation is still ongoing and so far answers have been scarce.

A vigil was held a few days after the accident for the victims of this somewhat mysterious wreck. Police have not yet indicated if they will press any sort of charges against the driver. In this type of accident, any number of factors may be at play and it’s not always easy to pinpoint liability. A car plowing into a building could be the result of texting and driving, a drunk driving accident or a confused or unstable driver. In some instances crashes like these may even be intentional.

Victims of the worst types of auto accidents are often at a loss for answers even after the crash investigation has concluded. While negligent drivers may face criminal charges, many times they face no charges at all. A Worcester car accident attorney can aid accident victims in need of answers and accountability.

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