Pregnancy precautions don’t stop after birth

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After a baby has been safely delivered, the family usually breaths a big sigh of relief. For Worcester women who have had difficult pregnancies, the period after birth can be a particular relief since birth injury may have been a concern. For all women, though, the period after birth may involve some discomfort and bodily changes. For some new mothers, the period following delivery may also entail some warning signs.

For doctors, avoiding pregnancy-related injuries is typically a responsibility before, during and after birth. Some of the complications that can occur after birth include postpartum bleeding, deep vein thrombophlebitis, C-section wound infections and endometritis and mastitis, which are infections in the uterus and breast, respectively. Women who have recently given birth may be told by their doctors that the following are warning signs of complications: heavy or worsening bleeding, pain the lower stomach, fever higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and red streaks or painful lumps on one’s breasts.

Of course, there are many more warning signs of potential post-birth complications, so it may be helpful for women to communicate openly with their doctors regarding any issues their body may be experiencing after having a child. An infection that occurs after delivery can have dire consequences; thus, doctors, nurses and others have critical roles to play that don’t stop after the baby has come into the world.

For women who suspect their care was compromised after delivery, talking to an experienced medical malpractice attorney can be of help. Seeking legal advice from a birth injury attorney can be highly empowering for victims of suspected OB/GYN negligence, doctor error or other forms of harm.

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