Help and advocacy for families affected by Cerebral Palsy

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For those who have never met someone with Cerebral Palsy, the condition is likely to be unfamiliar. For families affected by this disorder, though, the realities are felt every moment of every day. Often among the youngest victims of medical malpractice, those with cerebral palsy are likely to have received their condition from a birth injury. While this condition can be extremely difficult for any family to cope with, there are resources available for those in Worcester and surrounding areas.

The term “cerebral palsy” actually refers to a range of disorders, all of which involve impaired movement and damage to the brain. While CP is typically nonprogressive – that is, the brain damage does not get worse over time – the symptoms caused by CP can worsen as time goes on. They may also get better, but CP is not entirely predictable, which adds to the challenges families already face when a child has this condition.

What can families do after a CP diagnosis? Understandably, families usually want to first find out how and why their child has this disorder. A Worcester birth injury attorney can aid families in getting to the bottom of their child’s diagnosis and determining if it was initially caused by a doctor error or other form of negligence in the medical setting. If this is indeed the case, families may be entitled to compensation for the harm done to their child and the immense costs they now face.

A free consultation is available at Ellis Law Offices LLP. Once there, families can find answers to their countless questions regarding a possible birth injury. The attorneys at Ellis Law have been representing clients since the 1960s and draw upon this rich well of experience in determining the most favorable path for a family touched by birth injury. If a case goes to trial, the seasoned malpractice lawyers will not hesitate to assert their clients’ rights. For reassurance in the face of intense difficulty, it may be wise to get in touch with a Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyer as soon as a birth injury is suspected.


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