How does a Massachusetts woman choose the right OBGYN?

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Learning that one is pregnant is often an exciting event in a woman’s life. If the woman is getting ready to have her first child, she may have many questions about how to select the right doctor. Pregnant women typically seek a doctor that they can trust to adhere to standards of patient care and exhibit both expertise and compassion when it comes to pursuing a smooth delivery.

When a doctor is treating a pregnant woman, he has not one but two patients. Thus, a doctor who does not adhere to the standards of his or profession can pose a huge risk; an error during delivery, for example, can result in harmful birth injury to the baby or an injury to the mother. Thus, it is understandable that families who are expecting will want to do all they can to choose the right physician for them.

In addition to seeking-out recommendations from friends and family, patients can decide what their own most important criteria are. Some may want a doctor who is board certified in a particular specialty or has experience in treating a complicated medical condition. Some may prefer a doctor who does not rely heavily on physician assistants and nurse practitioners, while others may primarily desire an OB/GYN who speaks their own language or shares a similar cultural background.

Once a patient has decided what their most important considerations are, they may obtain further information from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. The BORIM has a physician profile for OB/GYNS in the state where prospective patients can obtain information on educational background, specialty certification, medical malpractice claim history and past disciplinary actions.

Choosing the right OBGYN is never easy, but with some research and prioritizing many patients find a doctor they can trust. Still, even patients who have done all their homework may become a victim of medical negligence. Patients who believe their doctor has acted negligently during pregnancy monitoring, labor or delivery may wish to speak with a Massachusetts birth injury attorney.

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