When medical malpractice occurs in the delivery room

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2014 | Birth Injury

For a few weeks now, we’ve been discussing issues surrounding birth injuries here on our Worcester personal injury law blog. We’ve talked about symptoms like Erb’s palsy that can result from a medical provider’s error during delivery. We’ve also discussed situations in which a timely C-section can be vital to the health of the newborn baby. Before moving on from this subject, let’s pause to remind readers that a birth injury may be a result of medical malpractice, and what they can do about it.

A birth injury, for example, may be the result of a misdiagnosis of problems experienced by the mother in the weeks and months before the baby is born. There are a number of common warning signs during pregnancy that doctors can be expected to catch and respond to. However, if a doctor doesn’t see the red flags, or if he or she mistakes them for something else, that misdiagnosis may result in injury to the baby. A legal professional will be able to look at the circumstances and advise parents as to whether the provider may have been negligent in misdiagnosing the problem.

Sometimes, a birth injury may be due to a hospital error. Hospitals in Worcester may be short staffed at any given time, or those on duty may not have adequate training to handle a complicated delivery. They may not be able to correctly recognize the signs in a pregnant mother that call for an emergency c-section, for example, and failure to perform this procedure can easily lead to a birth injury.

Our Massachusetts Medical Malpractice page has more information on this subject for parents who are concerned that medical malpractice may have led to a birth injury in their case. These can be complicated cases to try in court. A legal professional with experience in this area will be able to draw upon expert witnesses to provide testimony on behalf of victims pursuing compensation for their losses.


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