Massachusetts policeman killed in head-on motorcycle accident

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Some car and truck drivers will argue that motorcycles are difficult to see. Some may say that motorcyclists need to be cautious around cars and that they may be taking a risk operating those types of vehicles. Negligent drivers who cause a motorcycle accident will offer up all manner of excuses in order to try to pin liability back on the motorcyclist. But particularly in a fatal motorcycle crash, victims’ families should be aware that they have rights to pursue compensation for their losses.

A recent motorcycle collision in a neighboring state claimed the life of a victim in his mid-fifties who had served in various Massachusetts police departments over a decades-long career, including a period as president of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association. The motorcycle accident victim and three friends were all riding down the highway when an SUV heading in the opposite direction drifted over into oncoming traffic, crashing head-on into the first two. In addition to the one who was killed, the other rider in front suffered serious injuries.

Families who lose loved ones in sudden, tragic motorcycle accidents like this need to be aware of their rights. It is all too easy for a distracted driver to drift into a motorcyclist’s path or fail to yield at an intersection and cause catastrophic injuries or even death. This momentary lapse on a driver’s part can leave a family struggling with medical bills, lost wages and other damages in addition to the psychological trauma of losing someone in this way.

A legal professional can help fatal motorcycle accident victims’ families present a strong case in court as to how another driver’s negligence caused the death and their losses. The compensation obtained through such an action can never truly replace a lost loved one, but it can protect a family’s financial stability in a difficult emotional time.

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