Bicyclist killed in Charlestown hit-and-run

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It is no secret that a bicyclist is exposed to a great risk of harm when a car and bike collide. Even a sub-compact car can cause severe injuries for the rider of a bike in an accident. Similarly, roadside objects, the curb or the pavement of the road can be the sources of additional risk as a biker goes down after an accident.

Authorities in Charlestown say that a Chelsea, Massachusetts, man was struck in a hit-and-run accident while he was riding his bike in Sullivan Square. But, officials say that the vehicle was much larger than any sub-compact. Police believe that a dump truck was involved in the bike accident. The North Andover woman did not survive the accident.

Few details about what may have happened have been revealed. The area is heavily traveled by both motorists and bicyclists alike. A bus driver who is familiar with the area says that speeding is an issue, according to the Boston Globe. The Sullivan Square busway is located across the street from the fatal accident scene. The bus driver did not see the accident, but certainly noticed the activity in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Hit-and-run accidents may involve a wide variety of facts surrounding the reason why a driver flees the scene. When witnesses are able to describe a vehicle, or when evidence is left behind at the scene, investigators may follow that evidence in seeking to find the vehicle and driver involved.

Law enforcement will investigate fatal accidents. But, the interests of the government may not always cover all of the questions victims of an accident, or the families of victims, may wish to have answered. An independent investigation may reveal information to expand and enhance the information uncovered in a government probe.

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