2 fatal workplace accidents within 5 days in Boston

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On Thursday, Dec. 5, a construction worker was killed as a result of injuries suffered in a workplace accident in Boston. According to Boston Police spokesman, David Estrada, a scissor lift caused the injuries. Despite the best efforts of doctors at Tufts Medical Center, his life could not be saved.

Five days after this fatal workplace accident, another worker’s life was taken in the same Massachusetts city.

This second workplace accident occurred at an industrial plant on Monday, Dec. 9. A 46-year-old worker had been standing nearby when a large steel beam shifted. The worker became trapped below the beam weighing approximately 12,000 pounds.

Treating the injuries at a nearby emergency department wasn’t an option in this case, and the Boston Fire Department wasn’t going to rush removal of the beam. “It’s very time consuming to safely move [the steel] with as much dignity as we can for the victim,” said Steve MacDonald, the spokesman for the BFD.

The news report described the removal of the man’s body as if it was straight out of a movie. The source described the family members that “stood stoically in the light drizzle while waiting for updates from authorities on the recovery operation.”

This description may be literary, but real life isn’t a poem. Loved ones are taken away, and families are changed forever in incidents such as this one. This man left behind a wife, three children and other close relatives. A Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney can help a family navigate a possible wrongful death claim after a fatal workplace accident.

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